Friday, July 24, 2009

Couch Surfing

Couch surfing is brilliant. Cale and I signed up on the Couch surfing web site several months ago and right away we received requests from people all over the world that wanted to crash in our extra bedroom while visiting Samoa.

Our first couch surfer was a veterinarian student from North Carolina who was preparing to do an internship in Australia and stopped in Samoa for a holiday beforehand. She rented a car one day and we were able to travel around part of Upolu with her. Unfortunately, it rained all that day, so it wasn’t the best sightseeing.

We have also hosted a couple from New Zealand, half of which was a Kiwi and the other half was French. The first night they were at our place the power was out for several hours, so we sat in the field in front of my school admiring the Milky Way, naming constellations and drinking a little ‘ava.

By far most of the couch surfers we have met are German. Germans seem to be well-traveled folk. We have hosted two German couch surfers ourselves and met two others, one who was staying with Samoan families and another at the beach fale down the street from where we were staying in FaoFao.

Thanks to couch surfing we met up with four Peace Corps volunteers from Tonga. It is fun to sit around comparing and contrasting islands and posts.

Up next we will be hosting a multi-cultured family (one part Spanish, one part Russian and one part Chinese) and meeting for dinner a foodie-journalist/banker family from Estonia on an around the world trip.

The couch surfer who just left our house this morning is a German woman taking the long way home from a semester overseas studying in New Zealand. She will make a stop in the US before heading back to Germany (we advised her to eat Mexican food while in California). Putting her high on the list of all time favorite couch surfers, she read our blog before she came and brought us olives of wonder and joy.

Hopefully Cale and I are building up some good karma on the hosting end that we can cash in when we take our trip home from Samoa come December. As we travel through Southeast Asia, China, Tibet and Nepal we should be able to find some couches to crash on and we will definitely we able to find people willing to meet for coffee or food who can direct us to the best places to see and stay while we are in that country.

— Sara

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annette said...

what fun!! you two are good company .