Saturday, August 8, 2009

Flash Drive Drive

Flash Drive Donation Meter

Everyday thousands of children across the globe go with out flash drives. Now, for just the cost of a cup of coffee a day, you too can help these suffering children.

Cale and I are hosting a Flash Drive Drive...and by hosting, I mean that I am posting this blog entry.

Please send us your gently-used or new flash drives and we will give them to our students at Prize-Giving at the end of November. Last year I gave the top three students in Year 13 and the top two students in Year 12 flash drives thanks to my parents. This year Cale and I have a goal to give one to each of our students. That is 64 flash drives.

For about $5 USD and the cost of postage you can make it possible for our students to save their homework and projects (and of course music and flash games, lets not delude ourselves here).

Plus, if you are going to go through all the effort of sending a flash drive to Samoa, you might as well fill it with TV shows or new music or good movies or funny YouTube videos for Cale and I and the other Peace Corps Volunteers! Don't worry, we will delete them before giving them to students. We plan on filling them with free open source software and resources before giving them to the students.

So, find a flash drive, put it in an envelope and drop it in the mail to:

Cale and Sara Reeves
Peace Corps
Private Mail Bag
(Independent/Western) Samoa
South Pacific

Thank you for your support.

— Sara


Barb Carusillo said...

Did I tell you that I sent out a e-mail message on my e-mail list on this, home and at work. Maybe we will get some hits on this, and of course, your dad and I will contribute some again. If we are lucky, maybe you will get buried in Flashdrives, and you can donate some to the other PCV computer teachers over there!

Cale and Sara join the Peace Corps said...

Thanks mom. You're awesome