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The Magic Circus of Samoa

Magic Circus of Samoa

I am pretty behind in blogging life events. However, I feel that I can be forgiven, what with The Tale of the Computer Donation. Also, when I post What I Did on My Swine Flu Vacation, you will understand more just how busy we have been.

Anyway, 15 July, Cale and I went to the opening night of The Magic Circus of Samoa. You may remember we saw the circus last year as well. This year was a little different, in the interim we had met the circus's larger-than-life ringmaster, Bruno, with Marco and had visited the circus's home in Aleisa.

Magic Circus of Samoa

Marco and Marie Ines are close friends with Bruno and we attended the circus with them as Bruno's guests. When we arrived Wednesday night we were directed to seats in the front row (next to where the Prime Minister was sitting) that had reserved signs on the back that said "Govenor." I was concerned we were displacing a governor of some kind, but decided it wasn't possible since there are no govenors in Samoa. Marco told us that when he had stopped by earilier to pick up the tickets, Bruno had shown him these seats and asked if they were ok.

Magic Circus of Samoa

This year the circus had it's own band, who accompanied all the acts. It was an excellent addition. After some opening numbers from the band, the show started off with a little display of everything. All the performers were on the stage doing something. I sort of liked the frantic energy it gave off. Then Bruno gave his introductory speech and welcomed everyone to opening night. 

Magic Circus of Samoa

There were boys who spun around in metal hoops, a twelve-year-old contortionist who sat on her head, a woman who swallows copious amounts of water and then regurgitates it on command, clowns (and Saddam Hussein), unicyclists, an impressive chair-balancing act, trapeze artists, a tightrope walker, costumes, music, etc. It was wonderful. We finally learned what Bruno did with the Austrian bells we heard them practising with when Annette was here in December.

Magic Circus of Samoa

The pièce de résistance was the motorcycle ball of death. You may remember they had three motorcycles in this metal cage last year. Well, this year they had five. It was outrageous!

The circus was in town for three weeks and then they head out on a tour of French-speaking islands (including the Carribean) that will last two years, so they won't be back in Samoa next year or the one after that. The new volunteers arriving in October will most likely not see the circus...and that makes me sad. 

— Sara

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