Sunday, August 30, 2009

Now THAT'S an Earthquake

Ok, I know the California kids will beg to differ, but we just had an EARTHQUAKE. In fact, now that I have spelled it out in all capital letters, I am gonna beg to differ. But, it was a very noticable shaking that went on for several seconds. According to the internets it was a 6.8 with an epicenter only 110 miles south of Apia. Usually when quakes are listed on the USGS web site in our area they are for Tonga or something, but this one was listed as Samoa Islands. Impressive.

NOAA doesn't seem to think there is any likelihood of a tsunami, so I can probably go back to bed now. Immediately after it happened I jumped up and got dressed. I didn't want to be caught in my underpants in tsunami. 

— Sara

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