Friday, August 14, 2009

On Milk


Anyone who knows me knows I am a little weird about milk. Don't get me wrong, I used to drink copious amounts of milk; I love milk. I just need it to meet certain specifications.

In order for me to drink any milk it needs to be very, very cold and very, very new. If there is a jug of milk in the fridge and I cannot remember the day I bought it — regardless of the expiration date — I won't be able to drink it.

Granted, all my past milk eccentricities were all based on the assumption we were talking about real milk. And, what, pray tell, is real mil? It is homogenized, pasturized, irradiated, refridgerated, 2% milk of the two or three brands that I like. That's real milk. Cale's mom gets her milk straight from a goat. A goat that she milked! That creeps me out a little. That milk is too new.

What we have here in Samoa is not real milk. Not in anyway shape or form. When I was first confronted with the heat-processed box that was not refrigerated, I was horrified. Milk! On the shelf! In the grocery store! Just sitting around in the room temperature! I cannot get behind this.

I first I wanted nothing to do with the box of milk, but I have quickly adapted to putting it in my tea and cooking with it. I even went so far as to dip a cookie in it once and have cereal in it. But that is it. You are not going to convince me to pour it in a glass and drink it. Ain't gonna happen. So I haven't had any milk to drink since we were in New Zealand a year ago. And before that it was in America before we left for Samoa. I wonder how my calcium levels are doing?

I also recently discovered this powered milk. It comes in tins and I have seen it in bags. Very strange. My experience with powered milk is baby formula and I am still a little baffled on how science manages to turn milk into powder and I can turn it back into milk by adding water. 

I was very skeptical when I tried it. We had no milk in the house, but we did have this tin of powdered milk from when Cale made yogurt. So I added water and lo and behold it turned into milk. WTF? How does that work? Not only does it turn into milk, but if you can use it to make yogurt, they manage to powder milk and keep all the creepy bacteria or microbes or whatever alive. Crazy science milk.

I look forward to my return to America where milk is kept in the refrigerator section of the grocery store and I will once again drink it out of a glass.

— Sara


Patty said...

You make me laugh! Powdered milk is creepy but not as creepy as milk straight from the goat. I agree - that milk is too new. I'm with you. I want it homogenized, pasturized and whatever else "ized" if I'm going to drink it. And icy cold is an absolute must.

annette said...

i just purchased a cream separator for my very new milk fresh from my sweet little goats. now i can have super new SKIMMED milk - raw!! yummy : )

Cale and Sara join the Peace Corps said...

I can tell your just trying to rub it in and gross me out!

annette said...

awwww-i promise when you come home i will have new store bought milk for you in the frig- could not resist the other comment!

Milkyway said...

When I first left Samoa in the early 90s, one of the things I looked foward to the most was to taste fresh milk from the supermarket. So much so, I bought 2 bottles of 2 litre milk for our first orientation class picnic because I honestly assumed everyone was gonna want to share. Anyways that day I found out that fresh milk doesnt keep like the Long Life milk from cartons in Samoa and everyone else prefer softdrinks and beer at picnics.