Tuesday, August 18, 2009

There Is Nothing Else To Be Done

I held classes every day from 9 am to 11 am during the second week of the Swine Flu Holiday. I drilled CAT practise into my students during every class period, free period and after school all last week. Today I made all students who had not finished a CAT practise stay after school to complete it. I didn't leave school until 5 pm.

There is nothing else that can be done. Either they know what to do on the CAT tomorrow or they don't. I am totally freaking out on the inside.

I have a tally of completed CAT practises on the board in my classroom (a sort of public incentive to do your work). Fifteen of my now 22 Year 13 computer students have successfully completed a practise CAT. Granted, the time limit for the CAT is 60 minutes and many of those 15 took several hours (or days even) to finish the CAT practise. I have about four students who have successfully completed a practise CAT in under one hour and two that were really close. There are seven who haven't completed one. They were either absent or didn't come after school even though I said they must. 

Tomorrow, first period, we see how it all shakes out.

Cross your fingers and toes.

— Sara


annette said...

you gave it your best shot - that's all you can do. hope the students do well on the test

Barb Carusillo said...

Well, today, your kids took the kitty test (that is what your dad called it). But it didn't seem like that to them I bet, it probably felt more like a saber tooth tiger. Hope you all survived!