Friday, September 25, 2009

79: Sometimes my kids rock

Hi. Its cale. I dont say much on here, bu tI thought I would interject for a moment.
My kids, you see, sometimes they ROCK.
I have two official classes. Year one and year two.
Year one is still doing the management thing that i am sure has been mentioned earlier. They are completing assignments in record time (if i had records to compare against) and in record numbers. What I had hoped would happen has happened - students are taking responsibility for the learning of their peers.
It is awesome to watch. I wander aroung and help out here and there, but my students wander more and help more.
My year two class is supposed to be at 'work experience' now. Things got very confusing and as of today only two of them have gone to work. So I gave them a project: make a prize giving brochure. They are almost finished. To be clear, I don't have anything to do with it. I made them choose a director, suggested they choose a designer, and introduced them to 'decision by committee' - then I put my hands in my pockets. They made a bunch of decisions, and now they have (almost) a finished product. They rock.
And then I have two sort of other classes...
I teach one student how to teach (not that I know) and I teach another student how to be a network administrator (also, not that I know).
My Network Administrator kid is super smart. The other day I told him to build a server as an assignment, and he said halfway though "It is easier for me if there is a step by step instructions for how to build a server."
I replied "Ok. write them."
He did.
He has written comprehensive instructions for building a server and installing squirrelmail webmail interface so far - we have more how-to's planned.
He rocks.
I have another student that I am training to replace me, so I am trying to teach him teaching. In the past wek he has taken the stuff that I wrote as a programme plan, and written an entire two years worth of weekly plans. He asked me questions about things being very difficult and taking too long, while other things could be covered more quickly.
He Plans!
Anyway - sometimes my kids rock, and that makes me feel like I dont suck.
Yay Kids!


Barb Carusillo said...

You know, I can really relate to that sentence "Sometimes my kids (and kids-in-law) rock, and that makes me feel like I don't suck".
Keep up what you are doing, providing daily justification for ME that my time was not wasted raising kids. (I am just SO sure that is why you work so hard to do what you do, just to make your parents feel if)

annette said...

wow, i remember so well many years ago you said you wanted to have your own school and teach so that you could to it your way - well, here you go!!! not quite your own school, but it sounds like you are definitely doing it your way - and it works. b y the way, the fact that it works is no suprise to me , i knew you had it all along : )
i love your line - sometimes my kids rock, and that makes me feel like i don't suck.

you rock!!!

Anonymous said...


" Great effort springs naturally from a great attitude."

Manuia le Aso.

Anonymous said...

Here here!! Great TUDE for you! And thanks much to both of you.

whatever said...

I think you not only rock by teaching computer skills, or carpentry, you rock by sewing.