Tuesday, September 22, 2009

82: COS (Part III: Accommodations)

COS: Our Villa

As you already know, we spend our COS conference at
Coconuts Resort. As Cale has been fond of saying lately, we have never stayed anywhere this nice and we will never pay to stay any where this nice again.

We stayed in Villa Pule of the
Royal Beach Villas. Our villa was just one of a complex of two identical villas and one giant, massive two-story "villa" of wonder and joy (with a spiral staircase even!) that comprise the "Presidential Suite". According to the book we found in our villa, when creating the Presidential Suite, the people of Coconuts assumed a president would have an entourage and need lots of space. We, obviously, were not in the two-story wonder and joy. We were in the smaller villa to the right of the two-story wonder and joy.

Things on the Coconuts web site that made Cale decide we would really never stay there again:

1. The price. $399 USD per night.
2. Minimum of three-night stay.
3. Pre-booking suggestions that indicates that check-in time is 2pm and if you have an early morning flight, why not just drop another $400 USD on a room you are not going to use for the night so it will be ready for you when you arrive in the morning.
4. Complimentary bus tickets to Apia. Tickets! Tickets for a bus! Ah, we had a good long laugh about that one.

We had a view of the ocean from our king-sized bed. The bathroom was the size of any two rooms in our house in Faleula. I managed to take four hot showers on Friday alone. Cale only took three and he regrets it.

Any way, what I am saying is that things were posh.

Photo Tour

COS: Our VIlla
Standing in the door of our villa you can see the living room couch to the left. To the right and behind the couch is the door to the bathroom. On the far right is the king-sized bed. Behind the bed is the not-so-wet bar (no sink) with mini-fridge.

COS: View from the Bed
View from the bed. It is blown out in the picture, but you can see the ocean from the bed.

COS: The Bathroom
Looking into the bathroom.

COS: The Bathroom
The waterfall shower.

More on the food, folks and fun of COS to come.

— Sara

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Anonymous said...

I am quite jealous. They sure let you live it up :) Glad you get to spend some time enjoying yourselves in that resort.

Whew, that wayback post, sure makes you appreciate Cale and the medic. I've checked out your prior posts and pics too. Some made me cringe and others made me laugh. I don't know you, but I am sure proud of you. Thanks for helping these kids. Malo lava Sara and Cale.

whatever said...

After going through all the butt and armpit boils, you deserve that.