Tuesday, September 15, 2009

89: So I Need A Blog for Today

And as I sit at the computer, I have no idea what it is going to be. I give Matt the major props for blogging everyday. That shit is difficult.

I think ya'll are just gonna have to settle for what I did today.

6 am: Alarm

6:05 am: Snooze button alarm

6:05-6:50 am: Waste time on internet when I should be doing my exercises. Eat bagel we made last weekend. Drink cup of chai tea (thanks Paul's mom). Work on week's lesson plans.

6:50 am: Ice cold shower

7:20 am: Leave for school

7:30 am: Wander around school wondering if we are going to have Monday morning teacher computer class. Check timetable to see if other computer classes are scheduled for upstairs computer lab during my Year 13 classes in hope I can use room. Write message on Year 13 Form Room chalkboards that we will have class upstairs.

7:50 am: Realize that we are definitely not having teacher computer class.

8:15 am: Discover Year 9 students filing into upstairs computer lab. Discover I looked at Day 5 schedule and today is Day 4. Run into student from last year who needs help with JAVA lessons in University. Tell him I know nothing about JAVA. Invite him to come by tomorrow morning to use the internet with me to learn things. Walk past Year 13.1 room where they are still having form class (homeroom) and tell them the message on the board is a lie and we are downstairs.

8:20 am: Finally begin Year 13 class ten minutes late. Discover that no students have completed the project assigned eight days ago. Chastise students. Give students the rest of the period to finish the assignment.

9:00 am: Free period. Monitor open lab as students play games and work on assignments. Work on lesson plans.

9:50 am: 13.2 class. Send one student to remind other students that class is in downstairs lab. Discover one student has done project. Since only three students were present the day project was assigned, decide to abandon project (bonus marks for that student) and move into lecture on (drum roll please) bus lines and the elements of a graphical user interface. Plan was to show students a terminal and nano on Linux machines upstairs, but since we are downstairs, must settle for Command Prompt window in Windows.

10:40 am: Interval begins. Find vice principal (since principal is still in New Zealand). Ask if we can use the school truck to drive students around town to deliver letters requesting businesses and people sponsor or take ads out in the school magazine (read: yearbook) so that we can afford to print it. Told by vice-principal to wait for principal's return on Wednesday. Look at "broken" computer in secretary's office. I put this computer in the office in maybe May at the latest. No one has used it since. I have turned it on twice since then (once less than a month ago), but now it is not working. Push button. Yep. Nothing. Must be power supply. Will try to locate extra power supply. Find Magazine Business Manager and tell her what is up with letter delivery. Find Yearbook Editor and tell her vice-principal has requested a list of students on the Yearbook Committee (read: yearbook staff). Go back to lab to monitor students in lab during interval.

11:20 am: Free period. Monitor open lab. Help Magazine Designer with questions.

12:10 pm: Free period. Go to upstairs lab where I have told two students who were absent on Friday when we sat the Keyboarding IA (internal assessment) they can sit the IA. Set students up. They use KTouch on Ubuntu operating system to type preloaded text. Must reach at least 20 WPM with no mistakes for full marks. Must reach 50 NPM (numbers per minute) as well. Watch as other computer teacher holds his 12.2 class in the same room (the class I taught for two weeks while he was doing rugby). Class consists of students reading out loud from copied pages of textbook and both teacher and students mumbling at each other in inaudible tones. Maybe it is better since he is speaking in Samoan, but I tried to make my classes more dynamic and well...less sleepy. Try to keep group of Year 13 students with school camera (thanks moms and dad) from interrupting his class while they take each others' pictures behind upright white board.

1:00 pm: Free period. Meet with group of Magazine students in downstairs lab. Talk about who to give sponsorship letters too. Make a list and print it out. Also finish writing all lesson plans for the week. Print lesson plans for Thursday and Friday and handout to give to students. Ask other computer teacher if she (or the other teacher) can take my classes on Thursday and Friday...AS I WILL BE AT MY COS CONFERENCE, BITCHES! Not that I am excited or anything. Show student how to download pictures from camera. Ask student who is supposed to be in the class in the room (I was meeting the Magazine in the back while a class was going on) what video he is watching on the computer. Turns out to be a man dancing in his underpants. Ask him if he would watch this video if the principal was standing behind him. Answer is no. Tell him that he should not watch it at school and delete it from the computer (this video is no where near as bad as the actual porn I have deleted from the computers).

1:50 pm: School ends. Now just 10 minutes of final form room. Cale come to walk me home (or at least steal laptop from me if it looks like I am going to be a while). Walk around computer lab putting chairs back, fixing keyboards and mice and turning computers off. Leave student working on pictures for Magazine, Business Studies teacher typing an exam and teacher's two children in lab. Ask teacher to lock room and turn off lights and air-con when she leaves.

2:10 pm: Home, checking emails and wasting time on internets. Reluctantly respond to email request for interview for post newsletter. Post newsletter is now competitor to Volunteer newsletter (Faitala) that Cale edited and I designed...until recently. Have turned over the reigns to
the Liz.

2:40 pm: Cale kicks me off computer. Do dishes. Start laundry (in a bucket). Make tuna sandwiches of wonder and joy with lettuce. Feed leftovers to Cleveland and Detroit (cats).

Rest of evening as of 7 pm: Read book, begin graduate school application, waste time on internet, write blog entry, avoid working on textbook project.

Update: After 7pm: Eat canned chili on spaghetti with cheese and onion (chili four-ways? Sara argues that chili is just chili and you must add one thing to make it chili one-way so this should only be chili three-ways. Cale argues that the chili alone is chili one-way and when you add a thing it becomes two-ways). Watch Breaking Bad on computer. Sleep.

— Sara

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Anonymous said...

Malo Sara- I enjoy reading your blog, thank Matt for the link from his. My gosh what a day! I don't think I have that energy to give to others. I feel sad knowing you will be gone and no longer blogging about Samoa, less than three months to go. I am sad to see that you are going but know that you've done a great service. Your travel plans sound fun. I'll admit I am envious.
Again, thanks for blogging. You've got great voice.
Peace -2sunE4u

Christopher said...

You didnt happen to see Mary while you were out and about today Sara.

Totally love the blogg today, and will miss the heck outta you guys updates when you leave.

Barb Carusillo said...

Sara...you will have been in Samoa 2 years next month, so things have gotten a bit routine in your vision I bet. I wonder if Matt will continue to have fresh ideas to blog about every single day after 2 years as well. Though it is amazing he finds the time every day too, and it is true we tune in much more often when we know there is consistent reward.

Teresa said...

You should keep blogging once you leave Samoa, throughout your trip, and your return to the U.S. There are not many interesting, fun people in the family, so I need to live through you!