Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tsunami: Relief Efforts

We were on the south side all day helping with the relief effort and I will blog details ASAP.

— Sara


foundthings said...

sarah~my immediate family is in saleaaumua. we had one initial phone contact that my sis in law and her 7 kids was ok. although she said there were @ 5 deceased and missing, when we spoke to them @ 9 p.m. samoan time wednesday at that time they were around the mountain. said they couldn't go back due to flooding and complete loss of home. we were hoping to know who has been found recently and where they are now. do you happen to know any details of this village?

Meghan said...

Sarah- I stumbled upon your blog while frantically searching for the 3 PCV I met a few months ago in Samoa (Upolu). I lived for several months at FaoFao Beach Fales in the village of Saleapaga. Several of the PCVs (teachers) frequented there. I wanted to make sure all Samoan PCVs were accounted for and to see if you knew anything of this group of friends at FaoFao. Every report I've heard is that Saleapaga is gone but I'd like to think more positively. I know you are probably getting hundreds of requests but noticed you would be on the south side of the island soon. Stay safe and you are in our thoughts.