Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tsunami Update

Here is what I know:

1. The volunteer whose home was destroyed on the south side is safe in Apia now.

2. FaoFao, the beach fales we go to all the time, was destroyed.

3. Reports are also listing Lalomanu, Salani and Manono island as devastated.

4. Death reports vary from 40 to hundreds. We believe there are at least 30 deaths in the Lalomanu area.

5. The north side of the islands were not affected

We are waiting for word on any way we can help with the situation.

- Sara


Patty Leal said...

Very happy to hear you're okay. We're also waiting to see what if anything we can do from here. You're all in our thoughts and prayers.

Barb Carusillo said...

I didn't have a clue any of this was going on till I got home from work...then I heard you had called, Nancy called, Maureen called, my cousin e-mailed from Pennsylvania, Jeff, our neighbor from next door came over. I am so glad it was largely over before I heard all this, or I would have been freaked. But it is not all over for those whoms homes were destroyed, for the ones who died. It is just beginning.....

I am so glad you guys are okay!!!

Hannah said...

Thank you for putting up a post and emailing everyone about it. We truely appreciate knowing anything at all. I'm very glad all the PCVs are ok and I hope the same is true for more Samoans than the news is telling us. Leiga and I are thinking of you please let us know if there is any way to help.

Clifton said...

Hey Guys...Well it is good to hear that you guys are both safe and sound. Tonight we deployed several American Red Cross teams from Washington DC, Hawaii, and San Francisco to support the operation.

Good luck with recovery process.

Anonymous said...

Oh thank goodness you are safe.

Julya Steyh said...

I can't thank you enough for keeping us updated. Thank you SO much!

Hilda said...

Thank God you guys are okay! Been thinking of you guys all day
And to think your tenure almost over and you had to experience this!
Be safe and good thoughts to Samoa and its people and those deeply affected....


Vic said...

Started a facebook page called the Samoa Tsunami Relief Effort. Please update your blog so I can post it there. Also, NZ Red Cross is taking donations specifically for the Samoa Red Cross. http://www.redcross.org.nz/cms_display.php?st=1&sn=13&pg=6341 Please post on your blog if you can. Thanks for posting-many former pisikoa are paying close attention. Thoughts and prayers with everyone on the islands.

Vic, group 69