Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tsunami Update

An Australian paper posted this about the second tsunami warning that I wrote about in my last post:

A fresh alert has been issued in Samoa, with police urging people to seek higher ground, but the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre has not issued an alert and the US Geological Survey has not not detected a new major earthquake in the area.

At this time, that alert was several hours ago and all appears to be fine.

— Sara


Roger Simmons said...

Sara, glad to hear you are OK after all of this. Your blog posts are fantastic. Could we post some of them on to share with our readers? You can email me back at Thanks -- Roger Simmons

Will Jordan said...

Hi Sara and Cale. Glad to hear you are ok and very interested to read your posts. I am also a journalist seeking to use some of your posts and see if I could speak to you on the phone. Could you mail me back at will.jordan@[nospam] ?

Wendy said...

Hello and Malo le Soifua!

My husband David and I were Peace Corps volunteers in Samoa from 1997-2000, and we have been following news about the earthquake/tsunami. I saw a link to your blog from the FB NPCA page; thank you so much for writing about this!

By the way, it looks like you live in Fale'ula??? That is where we lived! I worked with the Methodist Board of Education, and my husband taught at St. Mary's. We have not been in contact with anyone for years, though it seems like connectivity has gotten much better since we were there! I would love to chat with you, find out how some people are, and pass our love on to friends and family. Our thoughts have always been with Samoa, even more so now during this tough time!

Fa soifua!

Wendy Rich-Orloff
David Orloff