Friday, October 30, 2009

31; Let Me Explain

In all his excitement to blog about our impending departure, Cale failed to provide the details.

On Wednesday we turned in our slips of paper stating that the school year ends on 27 November 2009 and we would like to depart Samoa that Monday 30 November 2009. Our country director gave us the A.O.K. We talked to the lovely ladies in administration and they are hard at work rounding up our cash in lieu for our flight home. We also have a rough draft of our DOS (description of service) in the hands of our APCD and we are working on our resumes.

We are taking the cash in lieu because we would like to layover in LA for two days (Meghan, I will email you details soon, but maybe we will fly out on Wednesday?) to visit friends there (Kenny, Gal? We're talking to you). After that is is back to Indy.

I am going to spend the month of December studying for an early January GRE and then cross my fingers that the IU SPAEA likes me and the RPCV Fellows program accepts me. Cale's going to get a job of some sort (hopefully) so that we aren't spending our 1/3 readjustment allowance while we wait for the other 2/3 to arrive.

Come February we should see our other 2/3 check (fingers crossed) and we can head out to Southeast Asia and start the long delayed trip around that area. Kick around there a couple of months and then its back to the States where in July Cale would like to become a certified sea captain. Ok, it's really a sailboat captain, but I think sea captain has a better ring to it. This is in the hopes of better preparing us for an eventual sail around the world. Granted, the first goal is to sail around Lake Erie, but we are working up to this world thing.

Right now the blog is called Cale and Sara Join the Peace Corps. When we were going to go home via Southeast Asia, I was gonna change the name to Cale and Sara Take the Long Way Home. However, now that we have this pit stop in the States, I am not sure what to name it for now. The suggestion box is now open.

— Sara


Teresa said...

- A Day in the Life of Sara and Cale
- Where in the world are Sara and Cale?
- The World is our Playground

You two are always planning something awesome and fun... I so wish I had your spontineity!

Tom said...

This is easy. Sara and Cale's Excellent Adventure

Barb Carusillo said...

Your dad commented...pretty cool name as well!
Well, I like my idea better:
"Sara/Cale and the stowaway"

Can you guess who? No, not Smack!

annette said...

add an " s "to stowaway and i am for it!!

Elle said...

Hey!! I am back in Carmel, and it's cold. Moving to Bloomington soon so I might see you around since I didn't stick in Samoa for more than two weeks...

Quick question though--where are you taking the GRE in January? I'm trying to register and the next date I found is 02/10?!??? Help would be much appreciated!

Congrats on finishing up service. I'm excited for you.

Rogelio said...

good blog
geetings from spain

whatever said...

Cale and Sara Reeves' Breezes(or Breezer) Adventures. If I win, can I get royalties????