Friday, October 30, 2009

32: It's a Date

For those of you interested, the Reeves will be conducting an epicurean tour of the US! The tour kicks off with a mexican food dinner in LA on or about Dec 1st! Avoid the rush, get your tickets soon!

Tour Dates
11/30 Apia - Italiano's. It's obligatory.
12/1 LA - Mexican joint TDB
12/2 LA - matinee show - Late breakfast joint TBD
12/3 LA - Airport Burger king breakfast - (contractual obligation)
12/4 Indy - Home cooked meal?Anyone? Cornbread? Mashed taters?
12/5 Indy - Limited engagement, Internet pizza delivery & Movie TBD
12/6 Indy - Mexican Reprise, Location TBD
12/7 Indy - Experimental show: Do we still like sushi?
12/8 Indy - Anonymous Ribs Joint: Closed-up gas station? Smoker? Two racks please!
12/9 Indy - Yatz. We need splatz.
12/11 Indy - What's new and tasty? (the big closing)
12/12 Indy - After show: Cracker Barrel Breakfast: Biscuits and Gravy Till our Eyes Bleed

More Dates To Come! Stay Tuned!

Feel free to offer tour date suggestions. Be adventurous. Greek? Yes please. Italian? Better not be Olive Garden. On second thought, sure Olive Garden. 

— Cale & Sara


Teresa said...

When you come home there will definitely be about 10 pounds of mashed potatoes waiting... i'll let Marian make the cornbread... we may want some meat in this meal...

Cale and Sara join the Peace Corps said...

who needs meat? i only eat fish anymore anyway.