Thursday, October 22, 2009

52: Like a Purse...

So puletasi do not typically have pockets (the faletua mumu does, but that is beside the point).

So here are the women of Samoa running around all day with out any pockets. They need some place to keep their odds and ends and since purses can be a cumbersome nuisances, why not just use the one garment you are wearing that is already like a purse?

That's right, I am talking about your bra.

Items that are typically found in bras include scraps of paper with notes written on them, money and cell phones. In fact, if you don't wear your cellphone on a string around your neck, then you probably have it tucked in your bra.

Of course the guys don't have pockets in their ie either. Cale has taken to sort of rolling his wallet up in the waist of his lavalava. However, must guys are all wearing shorts under the ie, so they just use the pockets in the shorts and pull back the flap or hike up the ie to access the pocket-stored items.

I have seen ladies with shorts on under their puletasi skirt as well. One woman was leaving the ATM, pulled back the flap of her skirt to reveal the shorts underneath and pocketed the money.

Today after school I sat down to discuss a student's final exam questions. Before we started I reached into my shirt and pulled out a flash drive and two AA batteries. The flash driver went by unnoticed, but she did seem a little surprised to see the batteries. I had been expecting to take department and house pictures after school today, so I had the camera in hand and wanted to have the extra batteries nearby. WIth no pockets in sight, I simply tucked them in my bra. It was only natural.

— Sara


Anonymous said...

Hey Sara, I was thinking of you and that incident at your school about 2months ago when I read this in the Observer.... This is so true.

Manuia le aso.

Anonymous said...

Sorry forgot to give the link


Chris said...

I've seen my aunt pull out a kekepuaa from her bra. Said she was saving it for later.

Cale and Sara join the Peace Corps said...

If I had a hall of fame for blog comments that one would definitely go on it. Hilarious. I haven't stored any food items in my bra yet.

annette said...

re-integration should be
interesting!or maybe you will just keep on using your bra : )

Teresa said...

Please get some pockets when you come back!

whatever said...

The Samoan women put their breasts in there and pulled them out to feed the babies!!!
When reading your blog from the beginning...before you even mentioned the bra, I said, "it's the bra taga."