Thursday, October 22, 2009

53: Getting Ahead of Myself

At some point in the last couple of days I just dropped two days from the countdown on the blog. You may notice that several past entries have a slash through the original number and the correct number added in. So if you wonder why you are seeing Day 53 again...that is why.

Does this have significant meaning? Does it show some sort of anxiousness to speed the count down up? Probably not, it just means that I got confused one day and then it snowballed.

Today I don't have any over arching theme for the blog entry or anything new to blog about (which is also why this blog is clocking in at 2 hours and 58 minutes too late to actually be for Day 53, but if you don't tell anyone. I wont.)

Last week my senior students started their final exams on Wednesday. They were supposed to start Monday the week before, but were postponed due to the tsunami.

Tuesday this week the students finished their final exams. That made today (well yesterday at the time of typing...shhhhh) the first day at school after final exams for the senior students. In the States, if there was still school after finals, I imagine that the day after finals would be a day off school or some sort of fun, relax blow off steam day. We like to do things a little differently here, so today was a work day for the senior students. They were sent out to the patch of land across the street from the school that is the home of the new agricultural science plantation to plant taro and weed and stuff. Congratulations, you finished your final exams (and the more important SSC and PSSC exams are still to come), go do some manual labour.

I kept the students on the magazine committee back so they could get some work done. There was a lot of goofing around, of course, they are high school students. However, a lot of work got done. My designer finished converting all the photographs to black and white. The editor-in-chief edited the class photograph captions and class reports. The School Work editor wrote captions for all her pictures. The Events editor wrote some captions. The assistant Sports editor tracked down info for the sports pages.

At the end of the day when all the students went home, the editor-in-chief and the photography editor and I sat down to figure out how to get everything in the magazine without adding more pages. We cut some things so we could add another page for advertisements. The dilemma of the ads is we need to sell more to pay for the magazine, but we have cut content from the magazine to make room for the ads. We made space for the house pictures the principal requested (think Harry Potter houses) and a page for the Head Girl and Head Boy and school prefects (I think it is no coincidence that the Head Girl is my editor-in-chief and the Head Boy is my photography editor).

Next I went into town to delivered the finished ad to one of the banks that is advertising in the magazine and to pick up the check from another company that bought a half-page ad. Then I walked to the office where I was hoping to finish the edits to the magazine so I could print another draft there, but I didn't so I will have to print it at school.

I have been getting a lot of walking in. Yesterday I took a bus to the new Bluebird Lumbar in Vaitele. They bought an ad and I had to shoot pictures of the store to put in the ad. I also had to pick up the ad and check from Uncle Johnny's Ice Cream. I was told on the phone that Uncle Johnny's is on the road just opposite the BOC (which is just down the road from the Bluebird). So, after shooting the pictures, I walked to BOC and looked for Uncle Johnny's.

An inquiry at the Frankie's told me that Uncle Johnny was just up the road. So I started walking inland up the road. On the way I saw an Uncle Johnny's truck pull onto the road ahead of me and travel up the hill. I got worried.

After a while, I stopped to ask if I was heading the right way. I was and I was told it was not far. After another while, I stopped in shop to ask once again and once again I was told it was not far. So I kept trudging. Finally, at the top of the hill I found Uncle Johnny's. I was hot and sweaty and thirsty and the man I had come to see wasn't in. I sort of insisted that the woman working call him, as I was not going to make this walk up the hill again. After the call they said they would email me the logo for the ad and scrounged together the cash to pay for it.

Then I trudged back down the hill. Caught a bus. Showed an ad to a bank. Shot pictures of Ace Hardware for another ad. Met Cale at an internet cafe. Went home. Worked on ads. Slept. Rinse. Repeat.

— Sara

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Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5 said...

Malo Sara

I think this school mag is going to be your 'bestest' project for the school yet.

Keep your chin up and enjoy the sensation of closing out something really awesome..