Monday, October 19, 2009

53 55: Quick, Like Ninja

So I am at the Central Bank of Samoa today checking up on the letter we delivered asking the bank to sponsor our school magazine* when there was an earthquake.

The quake lasted a couple of seconds, maybe five. I had a hard time figuring out when the quake actually ended because everyone in the building was pounding down the stairs to evacuate.

I was on the first floor talking to a bank employee who also happens to be an alumnus of my school. When the quake lasted long enough for me to say, "Hey, it's an earthquake," he had vaulted the counter between us and was running for the door. It was impressive. I followed.

We hung out in the parking lot for a minute just to see what was going on. The fire alarm for the building went off and I figured it was a good time for me to walk uta (inland)/towards the Peace Corps office. Since Cale had the cell phone on him, I would not recieve any text messages letting me know what was going on.

I made to the office where I learned there weren't any tsunami warnings associated with this quake.

Since it was 12 pm at this time and businesses would be on their lunch break, I decided to hang out at the office until 1 pm and then continue my begging for money.

*This magazine is the bane of my existance. I had no idea when I was assigned the project at the beginning of the school year that I would also be responsible for raising the funds to print it as well. If I had known that, I would have started raising the funds way before September, which was when I sent out the letters asking for advertisers and sponsors. According to the last Peace Corps volunteer who did a magazine at my school (I got an email from her after the tsunami) the funds came from the school canteen and the Methodist Prining Press gave them a deal on the printing costs. This time around there is no money from the school and the Methodist Press is giving me no deal. The cost to print 750 copies (the principal wants one for every student) of a 60-page magazine in BW with a colour cover will be $8,000 tala including the VAGST (tax). I have $1,350 in ads and sponsorships so far. The senior class was supposed to raise $50 tala for each student during the first term. Had they collected that money at that time we would have had about $4,000 tala (as there were almost 90 students at the time). However, the money was not collected, the number of students has dropped dramatically and they have about $350 tala collected. So of our $8,000 we have $1,700. Only $6,300 more to go in the next four days. Some how I don't think it is going to happen.

- Sara


Rupert Murdoch said...

The church is loaded, surely they can pay for it. And since the printing press belongs to the church, why are they even charging beyond cost to print the school magazine. I think its time to earnestly ask for help from higher offices with clout to pull it off.

Otherwise you'll be looking for sponsorship from the Brewery and the Tobacco company next.

Anonymous said...

Oh! good call Rupert! How about donating some talas too :) What would we do without that crazy Fox news channel? <;D

Goddess of Savaii said...

or...(sorry to butt in on your blog:-)
you could get your pule and the locals to actually get involved(ahem, do some work!) and i agree with above...get the pule to contact the people above to get you a deal. Its shocking that you are expected to do this as a teacher; This was a senior class project back when I was a student - we had to present our cases 2 businesses for $$$. all the best,
and remember, theyre being lazy because youre being amazing....balance it out gyrl!


btw cool blog!