Monday, October 19, 2009

5456: Going Out as I Came In

I have blogged previously about my weight loss in Samoa. I came to Samoa at about 130 pounds. At 5 foot 3 and 3/4 (ah, lets just call it 5'4), that wasn't a bad weight. It was a little more than I wanted to weigh and I had put most of it on in the last year or so.

By the end of our two months in training I was down to 110, which was a little less than I was interested in weighing. I can thank three things for my training weight loss.

1. I wasn't eating much more than rice

2. I was religiously doing my morning exercises for fear of my back going out while so far away from a physical therapist.

3. I was sick with boils and bronchitis and other things that just didn't make eating sound like too much fun sometimes.

Our medical officer, Teuila, was less than excited about my weight. Even after we had been out of training for several months and I had put four or five pounds back on, she was insisting that I eat a hamburger. Though, to be fair she saw me at EST, when I had the flu and looked terrible. I followed doctor's orders and even though I was eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted (and we all know what a great cook Cale is), I was holding steady at around 114-115 for more than a year.

There were some fluctuations. I gained five pounds while we were in New Zealand, but then promptly lost it. I gained five pounds with Cale's mom came to visit and lost those too.

However, sometime around my parents' visit I gained a little weight and I didn't lose it. The scale has been creepy slowly upwards ever since. Last check I was around 119 and climbing. If I keep this up, I can return to America the same weight I came in as, like I hadn't even been gone.

My real fear is that when I get back to the States the weight gain will just continue as I eat my way through the country, enjoying all the specialty foods and foreign foods that I have not had in such a long time. One of Cale and my daydreams about returning to America is sitting on a couch together (oh, a couch, to have a couch) watching TV (oh a screen bigger than 14") and ordering food and....are you ready for this...they deliver it to the front door! Craziness I tell you, complete craziness.

However, if this is the biggest worry I have about our return to America, then I probably shouldn't be complaining.

— Sara

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