Friday, October 16, 2009

58: Lucia's

Lucia's on Savaii

The Savaii volunteers talk about
Lucia's all the time. It is the spot in Salelologa for Peace Corps. I heard rumor of the Cinco de Mayo celebration. It must have been quite the party, as Lucia's staff are still talking about it five months later.

Yet Cale and I have only ever been to Lucia's once. We had lunch there when we arrived on Savaii with my parents. It was pricey. That was the extent of my Lucia's knowledge.

Well, now we have stayed there and I can tell you that it is wonderful. It is like this secret refuge from the heat and dust and cars and crowds of Salelologa. You enter the gates and I swear the temperature immediately drops five degrees.

Lucia's has no beach. It is set right up against the shores of a lagoon and there is a two-tiered dock that reaches out into the water. Not long after arrival, Cale and I were flinging ourselves off the end and into the water.

Our fale was only $65 tala per night (Before you get to excited about the price, that does not include dinner like most fale, only breakfast. Buying dinner there will up the price to $90 or more tala per night). When we first arrived they asked us to wait while they prepared our room. Cale and I grabbed a beer and walked the shady, tree-lined path and over the wooden bridge to the dock. On the way we passed an adorable wooden house on stilts right up against the water. "Check out that awesome tree-house," I said.

That awesome tree-house turned out to be our room. Inside was spacious and there was an honest-to-goodness mattress on the floor, not just a piece of foam. There was a small porch built off the back and over the water of the lagoon. It was so breezy and cool and calm. After the
ferry ride insanity, I was in heaven.

We got in the water, lounged in the bed and ate dinner. Then more lounging. The only dark spot on the fabulousness of the place was the bar or club that could be heard across the water from the other side of the lagoon late into the night. Well, that and my constant earthquake hallucinations.

Sure, Lucia's doesn't have a beach, but it makes up for that by being only a short walk away from the wharf. Cale and I were talking. We think we have one last Savaii trip in us before we leave Samoa. It will have to be to Max's village so we can pick up some locally made siapo from the artisans, but we will definitely stay at Lucia's at least one more night.

— Sara

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Cheri said...

There sure are a lot more nice places to stay now compared to when I was in Samoa!! Sounds wonderful.