Friday, October 9, 2009

64: Two Years in Samoa

This should have posted on Saturday the 10th, but it did not. I am sorry of the tardiness.

Two years ago today Group 79 landed at the Faleolo Airport. A random picture retrospective:

Staging in L.A.
Staging in LA

Arrival in Samoa
Arrival in Samoa

The sites
Training VIllage

Swearing in
Swear In

Sara's School
My school

Cale's Students Working
Cale was a carpentry teacher first

At Lalotalie with Cale's Mom
Annette came to visit

Sara and Erik's Tattoo Day
I got a tattoo

Jane's at Manase
My parents came to visit

FaoFao Vacation
Cale got a tattoo

Samoa Group 79 COS Conference
We had our COS conference

Anywho, check the archives and the flickr to remember our two years in Samoa.

— Sara

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Anonymous said...

The two years at the COS - looks good on everyone. Folks look happy at the COS. :)