Tuesday, October 6, 2009

68: Missed A Day

Well, it only took me 30 days of blogging everyday to miss a day. I blogged through our COS conference without even having a computer or internet. I blogged through a tsunami that wiped out the south of the island. What possible excuse could I have for missing a day that could trump those?

And the answer is that I couldn't think of anything to blog about that wouldn't seem insignificant and trite in light of recent events. I am back to normal life and I just feel like it is too early to blog about normal life. On the other hand, not every blog entry can be a deep, poignant tale that enlightens my readers overseas on the plight of those devastated by the tsunami. Seeing as how I haven't been to the south side since Saturday, I have nothing new to report.

I did run into a friend in town yesterday and he relayed to story of his young son's riding out the tsunami in a tiny, aluminum fishing boat with a friend and the friend's son. The water had left the ocean while the friend was desperately trying to get the boat off the mooring. When they finally did, they had to motor up a wall of water that leveled out meters above where sea level used to be. Thankfully, his son survived.

Tomorrow the new group arrives, so I should have a good post then.

— Sara

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Anonymous said...

Sara, glad to see you took that break. I know the COS came before the quake, but I think that little break was needed. It has been an exhausting week. Wishing you all the best in these times of challenge.