Friday, October 16, 2009


My principal's computer was broken in a new and intriguing way. It started up perfectly normally and we could log in perfectly normally. However, after logging in, only desktop image. Nothing else. No icons, no task bar, no start menu, no right click functionality. The only thing working was the Ctrl+Alt+Delete Task Manager.

I googled that bitch, I returned the next day and...drum roll please...I fixed it! All by myself. With no help. I didn't even ask Cale to come over and look at it.

Probably the first time this year I have not looked like a complete moron in the face a computer problem.

Go me, it's my birthday.

— Sara


Teresa said...

Go Sara, it's your birthday! Congrats... I still think I am cursed when it comes to computers... every one I touch ends up crashing or slowing down to a snail's pace!

Anonymous said...

Sara - manuia le aso fanau
Happy Birthday to you!

annette said...

good for you!!!

Cheri said...