Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tsunami Update: Checking on Friends and Family

I have not forgotten you.

Here is an update on where we stand.

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Taufua Beach Fales in Lalomanu
Many people who stayed there in the past are interested in helping the family that was devastated by the tsunami. AJ tells us on the blog we can "Try emailing Monique Faleafa who is a colleage of the daughter of a friend of mine and knows Ben Taufua, she can give you an account number to put money into if you want, also they were filling a container with donated goods but I think it's already sailed.

FaoFao Beach Fales in Saleapaga
Is in the process of rebuilding. John and Don Bosco are building them a new bar and they hope to have it open this weekend. Next goal, beach fales. If you want to help with the recovery efforts here, just let me know and I can pass information along.

We are looking for a contact phone number for the Te'o family. We have already confirmed they are safe and the house is standing.

— Sara

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