Monday, November 9, 2009

21: But Where is the Rest of the Cow?

Cow leg

Who knew that being a Peace Corps in Samoa would mean that I would have some many posts about cows?

Like this one

Or this one

This one here

This one is more about
theoretical cows

Sometimes you come home and the dog that has taken to sleeping on your porch has the lower half of a cow leg in the front lawn. Just happens. Perfectly normal. Cannot find hide nor hair of the rest of the cow, but it had to come from somewhere, right?

— Sara


Teresa said...

Kinda gross... but the dog is cute!

Ran Dom Komenta said...

The Dingo ate my cow's leg!
or something about Heather Mill's leg(but poor taste and wrong cow)

ieesh it's hard writing clever comments regularly to entertain you Sara. But sure am gonna miss you.

Awesome effort on the mag, you should insert a comment under the student basher teacher's picture. you know if the Vavau resort made it?

annette said...

cute puppy! we too have several strays that have now become part of our animal of which is a skunk that wonders in the barn and eats the cat food. so in addition to our three cats, we have 3 to 4 strays - varies day to day - and now a skunk!!! no one has brought in any cow legs thank goodness, just dead mice.