Sunday, November 8, 2009

22: Maybe I Should Watch More After School Specials and Take Notes on What the Teachers Do

Friday one of my former Year 12 students was expelled from school (I say former because technically the new teacher took over my Year 12 classes; however, I still teach them enough that it is more like sharing).

He was expelled for something that happened two weeks ago during the senior work day I mentioned in this
post. Apparently he and three other Year 12 boys were caught drinking in the plantation when they were supposed to be working. I was shocked when I heard about all this. This is not the sort of kid I expected would get in trouble. The new teacher was just as shocked as I was.

He is still allowed to come back on the days of his School C exams to sit those, but he is not supposed to be allowed to attend our school next year for Year 13. I understand that the school has to take a hard line on these sort of things (except last year when the best rugby player got drunk before a game and we let him come back to school because he was the best rugby player), but it seems a harsh punishment for what I have to imagine is a first offense.

Saturday evening I was peeling potatoes to mash and Cale was at his school lab when this student came by the house. He had his brother's laptop with him. Something was wrong wit the computer and he wanted me to look at it. I sat there wondering to myself, should I talk to him about the expulsion? I am sure that the last thing he wants is another adult to talk to him about being expelled. Besides what would I say anyway? "Hey buddy, that wasn't the smartest idea." I am sure he feels bad enough about it as it is. However, I am the teacher. I think I am supposed to talk to kids about these things.

I didn't have to broach the topic. I asked him how he was doing and he asked if I had heard what happened to him. I asked him why. He said that the other kids had told him it was a good way to relax after finishing finals. It makes be wonder, if the senior students had been given free day or a fun, game day the day after finals instead of a work in the plantation day, would this have happened at all?

Either way, the computer was too broken to fix quickly, so he left it with me and will return for it later.

— Sara

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