Wednesday, November 4, 2009

26: Totally Prepared to Go Back to School

Cale and I both plan on going back to school when we return to America and if nothing else, Samoa has prepared us for very important aspect of university life. We have totally got toga-party wear under control.

You not may be surprised to learn that it is hot in Samoa. I know, South Pacific Island right off the equator, who knew? What you may be surprised to learn is that not only is it hot in Samoa, but it gets hotter. We are heading into summer in Samoa and the temperature has started to creep even higher than oven. We are now approaching sun. I feel sorry for people who visit in August and think that it is hot. In August it gets down to 70 F at night and I have to break out a blanket.

Yesterday Cale found me laying on the bed after a cold shower.

"it's hot," I said.

"It's Samoa," he said.

"I already took three showers today," I implore.

"Ah, you see, we are heading into five-shower-a-day weather. You are two showers short," he explained.

What does this have to do with toga parties, you ask.

Well, in weather this hot in America I would just wander around the house in shorts and a sports bra (depending on how my body image is doing that day) and think nothing of it. That I cannot comfortably do in Samoa. I would be constantly worried that a neighbor would see me in my scandalous clothes. Instead I just tied an ie around my neck in a dress and, viola, instant heat-wave attire.

I have gotten used to wandering around the house in a piece of cloth. I have gotten used to wandering around in public in a piece of cloth. Whenever we stay at beach fales I wander to and from the shower in a lavalava wrapped around like a strapless dress or wear an ie tied into a dress all day. I feel pretty confident that I could wrap a sheet around myself, call it clothes and head out to a toga party no problem.

So, as you can see. I got this toga-party wear thing totally under control.

— Sara


ie Toga said...

'toga' 'toga 'toga' 'toga'

wait we dont mean 'tonga' right, cos whenever someone says 'tonga' and party, Im there because they are wizards at cooking pork.

wooohoooo Hot in Samoa..

Barb Carusillo said...

Sara...if even you think it is hot, set on "sun" in fact, then it must be really bad. I would probably feel like I was literally being roasted on a spit, since I felt kind of faint at times when I was there in May.

Teresa said...

Guess what Sara... it's supposed to get really warm this weekend in Indiana.... like in the 60s! Get ready!

Cale and Sara join the Peace Corps said...

for those of you that don't know the samoan alphabet, the g makes a sound like ng and the samoan word for tonga is toga. So ie toga (which is a fine mat by they way) makes a pretty hilarious joke that I hadn't even made the connection to until the comment. love it.

annette said...

After being in Samoa only 3 weeks, I was totally into wearing a piece of cloth - and still do in America. It is great to just wrap that around me with a top and go....needs to be warm weather of course...
some look at me a bit strange - but then that happened before the piece of cloth as is good : )