Tuesday, November 3, 2009

27: Name This Plant: Lobster Claw

Name This Plant

This is my first ever non-food "Name This Plant" post (I think). Unless you are a hummingbird you don't want to be eating the Heliconia Rostrata (also known, oh so appropriately as the Lobster Claw).
Wikipedia doesn't have a lot to say about the entire genus, much less this one in particular.

I can tell you they are pretty and can be found in these parts.

— Sara

PS. I totally know that an answer to a "Name This Plant" post is a cop-out for a post and that this one was even short and crappy.

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jesse elizabeth hunter said...

We call it a "Bird of Paradise" plant here in Jamaica, but there's a high likelihood that's wrong.

I'm still reading, you two! Thanks for being an inspiration (and funny).
Josh and I occasionally have little convos that are so perfect for our PC service and I think of you guys, posting yours on here and me laughing at them.

Also, just read "the Sex Lives of Cannibals," which is based in Kiribati...good book. :)

love from Jamaica,
jesse (and Josh)