Friday, November 27, 2009

3: What the heck happened

So, you ever go to a store, and look around, and get distracted, and still just keep looking around. Looking, and looking, and looking for a long time and gettnig distracted over and over again, and then finally its time to leave the store because you sold somebodey else tat you would meet them. And so you leave, and you wonder to yourself as you walk towareds the door -
What was it again that I came here for?
Just asking.
Cause that never happens to me.



Anonymous said...

Does the store have air conditioning or a nice cooled area to just stand and feel a gentle breeze? Were you in the store to buy something or just get out of the heat? Talofa Friday.

annette said...

wow, and you are so young.... hope you are still able recognize us when you get home!!!

Barb Carusillo said...

I had a patient once, who, during the process of taking her history, in which she was having trouble recalling details, just blurted out "I think about the hereafter a lot!". I was confused, thinking she was speaking of spiritual matters when she went on to say "Yah, I walk into a room, then stand there thinking, "What am I here after!"". You and she, (and all of us to be truthful) have something in common!

Anonymous said...

sounds like you are MAADD
Mature Age Attention Defecit Disorder very common amongst teaching professionals as they approach the ripe old age of thirty