Wednesday, November 25, 2009

6: Last Tuesday

Today is it, I won't be seeing another Tuesday in Samoa. I better get all my Tuesday stuff in.

At the Host Family

Yesterday afternoon we went to visit our host family for what we thought was the last time. We took Cale's bike to give to them as a parting gift. Our host mom was pretty insistent we have a last dinner with them, so we will be back in to have dinner with them on Thursday after my Prize-Giving.

Final Group 79 Dinner

We also had our last dinner as Group 79. Well, sort of. Erik and Max weren't at the dinner, but we will see them at Thanksgiving on Saturday. This was the last time we will see Rosie in Samoa. She headed back to Savaii and won't be coming back in for Thanksgiving.

Cale's Faamavae Lunch

Tuesday Cale's school had a lunch for him and invited me. His pule gave a wonderful speech about how we will both be missed. There was food and Cale' students gave both of us some parting gifts. The sewing instructor also made us one last set of matching clothes, you cannot have too many matching outfits.

— Sara

PS. I finally got around to posting this after midnight, so this is really Day 5 now, but I won't tell if you won't tell.


Teresa said...

I'm so excited for you guys to come home... it seems like I haven't seen you in years... oh wait, I haven't!!

Anonymous said...

Malo Sara and Cale... Will miss reading this blog.

Faafetai Tele. Manuia le malaga.

Tofa Soifua

annette said...

now this i a real count down....oh happy day!!!