Sunday, November 15, 2009

(backdated) 16: That baby hates my face

When we were at Max's family's house, the kids developed a sort of game. One of the older kids (maybe 5 or 6), under the direction of one of the even older kids (maybe 18), would bring the little baby around to look at me. 

Her little head was about two feet from mine, but off to one side. When I turned to look at her she would scream and cry. Then the kid would take her away and she would stop. Then he would bring her back.

I didm't turn my head to look at her out of menace, it was just one of those "there is something in the periphery of my vision, I had better check it out" things. I did not turn fast, it was a slow, regular turning. I did not make a scary face, just regular cale-face.

She screamed every time.

I can tell myself that it was some sort of reaction to the cognitive dissonance of "Max is here, and Max is there - there can be only one Max." Or that the baby just felt like crying. But we all know the truth.

That baby hates my face.



Teresa said...

My friend Megan just had a baby on Thursday and Mike looked in his face and the baby started crying!

Anonymous said...

Well Cale, cause I am around a lot of babies. I know I can't get them to come to me until they know me or they see me interact a lot with their parents. Once the child is at that facial recognition stage, they tend to behave as this child. Please pardon my spelling as it probably is incorrect, the Samoan term, ua masega = used to or familiar with, versus not used to = le'e masega. Glad you are well and posted :)

Barb Carusillo said...

Anonymous is right, what is not to love about your face?! The baby just didn't know your face, you looked like a scary male palagi who was not Max.