Sunday, November 15, 2009

(backdated) 17: What has changed about Sara

Before: Bug-phobic. Would beg me to go remove offending insects to the out-of-doors.
After: Once stayed in the bathroom for hours hunting roaches with a shoe (my shoe).

B: Hated camping. Refused to be denied the conveniences of indoor-living.
A: Samoa blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor. We 40% camp every day, punctuated by bouts of beach-fale going.

B: Clean. All surfaces must shine. Floors must be swept. The mop is her friend, his name is Daniel.
A: When the ant-piles get too big, and you must pick dead millipedes off the bottoms of your black-soled feet - consider sweeping.

B: I must make a list of things to do. I must put 'make the list on the list'. I will cross it off as soon as I finish the list.
A: List? That's depressing. Screw it.

B: I should be sitting here with this group of people planning what to do or something.
A: Social lubricant? Bottoms up! Hi - I'm Sara!

B: Cale - what the hell is wrong with this computer?
A: Cale, have you seen that CD with the registry editor? I have to fix another one.

B: Linux is stupid. It is too hard. Just use what everyone else is using.
A: Viruses are the devil. Windows is the devil. Licensing is the devil. Go FOSS/Linux!

B: I know every miniscule detail of all celebrity news ever, updated minutely.
A: Nobel prize for what? The give one of those out every year? What year is it now? 

B: I will eat macaroni and cheese for lunch and mashed potatoes for dinner - unless we have pierogies.
A: This is good palusami! It will go great with my mashed potatoes/pierogies meal!

B: I cannot cook. 
A: Chili or pancakes for dinner?



Anonymous said...

OMG! this is hilarious. Sara the hunter/fale camper! Daniel is your friend. :) ha ha the changes we accept in our daily lives. I read it to my husband who is a palagi since we had lived in a similar situation as you. Palusami and pierogies! Love it! Thanks for blogging, I missed you the last couple of days. :)

Barb Carusillo said...

How about you cale? What is your before and after? Maybe we can get Sara's thoughts on that too.