Friday, November 20, 2009

Flash Drive Drive Update

A big thank you (THANK YOU) goes out to the following people. They either gave flash drives or money to my mother who then sent us a bulk package of 37 flash drives bringing the total to 57! It was a close call with the package arriving only a week before Prize-Giving.

Barb and Tom Carusillo
Chris Pitzer
Brenda Lear
Marilyn Sisil
Amanda Kutoloski
Jan Bryant
Marilyn O'Bannon
Anne Corcoran
Steve Anslinger
Greg and Cynthia Daniels
Sarah and Nick Klingler
John and Laura Noel
Kim Ort
Ellen Izzadore
Sean Izzadore
Kathy Johnson

— Sara


Anonymous said...

Found this while surfing on You Tube, for your wayyyback machine.

annette said...

yea! glad they arrived in time...close!

Barb Carusillo said...

I got the e-mail sent to everyone, so they can read your blog post. Great job. For some reason, I thought we had sent 38, I don't know why. I guess 35 plus 2 doen't make 38 does it. Need to go back to third grade.