Monday, December 28, 2009

Family Fun

Christmas Eve

The last several days have been a holiday family fest and we haven't finished yet.

Thursday, Christmas Eve, was spent at my parents' house with my sisters, their respective significant others and Cale's mom too. The day before Cale and I baked pies and that day mom made turkey and stuffing and accessories. We did presents that night our typical organized fashion. One present for everyone, everyone opens and then another present for everyone. Oohing and ahhing are mandatory.

Friday we saw
Avatar is 3D at the IMAX with my mom, sisters and Teresa's boyfriend Mike. Personally, I didn't think that the 3D really added too much to the film. It wasn't the sort of 3D where things are popping of the screen at you. Instead it was just a little added depth. I am also obviously not alone in my comparison of Avatar to Ferngully. Don't act like you don't know what I am talking about. You all remember and love Ferngully too.

Saturday it was down to Spencer to visit with Cale's grandmother, great-aunt and mom. His aunt and uncle stopped by for a brief visit as well.

Sunday we were in Carmel to visit Cale's cousins and Aunt Rita. His cousin Cindy and her husband had been in the Peace Corps in Africa (Mali), so there was lots of Peace Corps talk.

The visiting isn't complete yet. We are on our way to West Virginia this weekend. I will see my grandmother and Cale will continue on to Virginia to visit friends. Hopefully some time in the next month we will see my grandparents in Bristol and Cale's dad.

More later

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Teresa said...

I love Fern Gully! Such a classic... got it on VHS somewhere around here.