Tuesday, December 8, 2009


It took two years and two months, but we are finally back in Indy. After an our layover in Milwaukee we finally arrived in Indianapolis about 9 pm on Friday. We were immediately surrounded by insanity. My family isn't too large, but it sure is noisy. Cale and I had been up for an indeterminate number of hours (we still aren't sure how long the flight was, went through several time zones and all our clocks were still on Samoa time) and were walking zombies. As we were leaving the airport Dad pointed out that we had flown into a completely different airport then we had flown out of. While we were away, Indy had gone and built a new airport.

Welcome Home Party

Saturday we slept in until about noon Indy time. At 4 pm friends started to arrive for the welcome home party my parents had arranged for us. We treated our friends to some Vailima that we had brought back with us and some choice Samoan tunes (gotta love those slow jams). Eventually Cale mixed up some ava. The general consensus was it tasted like the ground.

Welcome Home Party

At the end of the evening we went over to Rob and April's new house to see our cat, Smack. We hadn't seen Smack in two years. The reunion was a little bittersweet. Rob and April say Smack was acting pretty strange, like he knew that something was up, maybe because he vaguely remembered the smell of us. However, he was incredibly skittish and steered clear of us all night.


By the time we went to bed I was exhausted.

The next morning we were up early and headed down to Ramsey with Cale's mom. More on that next time.

— Sara


Teresa said...

I was trying to be quieter than normal to help compensate for Marian... guess it didn't work! We're just outta control!

Barb Carusillo said...

So, you thought we were noisy...I guess I am so aclimated to it when we get the other two girls together, I don't even notice it!
It is good to have you home, hopefully your tympanic membranes, and nerves can handle it!

TomC said...



Maka Paka said...

Wow thats hardcore with the kava and vailima all the way to Indy, nice touch.

Amazing, did you take any palusami, corn beef and taro for old times sake.