Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I Apologize

I put the wrong answer to the following GRE question up in yesterday's blog entry:

If the average of two numbers is 3y and one of the numbers is y-z, what is the other number, in terms of y and z?

The correct answer is

I was looking at a different problem. Sorry ya'll.

— Sara


crabs said...

damn i still got it wrong 78^)*

Anonymous said...

Wrong Answer, I believe! I got 5y+z.
Let x be the other number. Then we've from the given assumptions:
(x+y-z)/2=3y which implies by multiplying both sides by 2 that:
x+y-z=6y which implies by taking everything but x to the right side: x=6y-y+z (note z and y have to shift signs by leaving one side of the equality for the other)which yields x=5y+z.
I am in first grade by the way!