Saturday, December 5, 2009

Last Italiano's

Last Meal at Italiano's

So the pizza at Italiano's is bad and all the people we used to know there are gone (remember Jennifer? and Maria? nope, no more). So a last meal at Italiano's doesn't really have the meaning it once did. However, when we first arrived in country that was where all the volunteers were going on their last night (except the crazies that went to places like Bistro Tatau). We felt like a last night at Italiano's was tradition that we wanted to uphold. As Cale said, "I earned this hundred thousandth pizza."

We were there around 5 pm though we said we weren't starting until around 6 pm, mainly because we had ran out of things to do with ourselves. My energy levels were through the roof and I couldn't keep my hands occupied, so I kept doing this thing that Cale eventually started referring to as "hamster hands."

Last Meal at Italiano's

So many people were at our dinner. We took the entire front of Italiano's and then spilled into the doorway. Sorry other customers, you are gonna have to squeeze past the rowdy group.

Cale and I tried to play musical chairs throughout the night so we were just sitting next to the same people and could talk to everyone before we left. As the evening started to wind down the tequila shots came out. I am pretty sure that someone even did a Stuntman (Dylan knows what's up). I declined, which was very upsetting to Ryan who was really insistent that he buy me a drink before I go. I think he settled on a glass of water.

We had asked our taxi driver to pick us up at 8 pm. However, as 8 pm became 8:30 pm, we called and discovered he was still in Vaitele. So we walked to the office to gather together our luggage and he picked us up there. Erica, Casey and Erik walked back with us, so we said our final good-byes to them and hopped in the cab.

Our taxi driver had banana chips, taro chips and ie as gifts for us. He even called his wife in Savaii on the cell phone and had us talk to her until the credit ran out.

We had one last stop on the way to the airport. The teacher who started teaching computers in the second term at my school had called and wanted us to stop at her house to pick up a gift. We were supposed to have met up on Saturday to go over things in the computer lab, but it didn't work out. Then we were supposed to meet on Sunday, but she never got my text. So this was a last minute drive-by farewell. We had no credit on the cell phone, so we sent her a "Please Call Me" when we were in Vaitele and she went and waited by the side of the road for us in Puipa'a.

At the Airport

In the airport we greeted by one of Cale's students (the one setting up the Linux lab). He and a friend had come to the airport to see us off. We waited until the last minute to see if Cale's principal could make it. He said he would try since he was in a village nearby. However, he was in the village nearby because it was the funeral for his wife's father. He wasn't able to make it.

Before we knew it, we were on the Air New Zealand plane that would take us to America.

More later.

— Sara

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