Monday, December 7, 2009

Meghan's Half-Way House

Meghan's Half-Way House

When we arrived in LA we were greeted by Meghan (a volunteer from Group 77 who left last year). She had a brand new razor and berries for us and we had a Vailima for her. It wasn't long before I was shaving my legs in a hot shower and she was drinking warm, bad beer.

Spending a couple of days with Meghan was just what the doctor ordered. We told her all our crazy stories and she totally understood. She also understood all the little things that no one else would understand, like the significance of Cale and I holding hands on the street (something we hadn't done in two years).

Meghan's Half-Way House

She fed us burritos and bagels and bbq and drank all the beers with us. Everyone should have a Meghan when they come home.


In addition to hanging out with Meghan, we drove out to Santa Monica to find Gal.
Gal was an original member of Group 79, but went home early after his post was poop. He is working with a start-up now and loving it.


We also got to hang out with Kenny. We have known Kenny since high school. The last time we saw him was when he was at Disney World on a family vacation before we left for Samoa. Now he is working in TV in LA. We spent part of Thursday night back stage at his show,
The Sing-Off. It is like American Idol for a cappella groups and will air on the WB leading up to Christmas. I even know the secret of who was eliminated in the first round and I am not telling. Make sure to check it out.

Friday morning we got up way to early to head to the airport thinking that we would have a lot of traffic to deal with. Instead we were three hours early for our flight. We got to spend some quality time in LAX before making the final legs of our journey home.

— Sara

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Xavier said...

wow how nice to reminisce with friends and colleages from the service. glad you guys are taking it slow enjoying re-entry.