Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Readjustment: Clothes

Pile of ie

It wasn't too long ago that this pile of ie and some t-shirts could be Cale and my entire wardrobes. Though to be honest, I never got into wearing lavalava. I just wasn't a fan of an article of clothing that most people were wearing pants under anyway and had to be constantly adjusted to keep from falling down. Give me a skirt with a waistband any day. Hell, give me pants! Yay for pants.

We don't own a lot of clothes. Before we left for the Peace Corps we sold just about everything we owned and just about everything we had in the world fit in three large bags of approximately 40 pound each that came to Samoa with us. We returned from Samoa with three bags of approximately 50 pounds each (and a kirikiti bat wrapped in two fala). I was anticipating not having a lot of weather appropriate wear when we returned, but I am discovering that we do not have a lot of appropriate wear, period. Weather or not.

The other day I pulled on a long-sleeve t-shirt that had stayed with me through our time in Samoa. As I stood in front of the mirror brushing my teeth, I noticed the hole in the right armpit. I raised my left arm and saw the hole in the other armpit. I considered it for a moment and decided that maybe I was back in a place that visible holes were less acceptable professional wear and more a sign of homelessness. I changed shirts.

Cale got a call about a job interview and pulled on a "nice" outfit for my approval to be worn at the interview the next day. I shook my head. His Goodwill pants and bulky knit sweater were not cutting it for me. He went to our bags and pulled out the one nice outfit that had stayed with him from Samoa. It was his Express black dress shirt and dress pants. Standing in America, looking down at the pants in not-florescent lights, he realized something. "These pants have seen better days. They aren't actually very nice anymore at all." So we had to make a Target run.

For Christmas, my parents are getting me a suit and dress coat to wear for things like my campus visit. It took mom and me two days and 10 stores before we finally found a suit that fit me. I thought that not finding clothes to fit me was just a Samoa thing. I am a small person (5'4" if I stand on my tiptoes) and Samoans in general are bigger than me. Most stores over there didn't stock sizes smaller than a medium, which left me in a tricky spot. However, the suit shopping on this side of the planet has led me to believe that it is not only a Samoa problem. It appears that once again they have gone and changed the sizes. How I have managed to go from 7-8 to a 2-4 without dramatically changing my weight (sure I lost 20 pounds, but I gained it all back) is a mystery to me. The first stores we visited didn't seem to stock anything smaller than a 6 even in the petites. I am still confused as to why I am a 6 at H&M, but a 2 at The Limited. Granted, I am small, I get this. But I know lots of people that are smaller than me. Where are they shopping if the sizes keep getting bigger?

— Sara

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Teresa said...

People smaller than you shop in the toddler section... that's where the smaller sizes are!

CRABS said...


SzymonXY said...

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Matthew said...

CRABS beat me. yeah. 5y + z.

whatever said...

Bet Cale would have make you a nice suit:)