Monday, December 21, 2009

Readjustment: Driving

Gotta Use one of These Again

In the previous two years I drove three times. The first time was after more than a year of not driving. I took a vacation day and we rented a car on Savaii when Cale's mom was visiting. I think I did a pretty good job, though at around 40 miles per hour Cale thought I was going way to fast. The second time was six months later when my parents came to visit. This was before the road switch, but the van we rented already had the wheel on the other side. That was a little disconcerting. When we rented a car again six months later the road had already been switched. However, I was more comfortable that time around because the car we rented still had the wheel on the side I was used to. I work better with the wrong side of the road then I do with the wrong side of the car.

During the entire two years Cale did absolutely no driving. Why you might ask? Well, it what seemed like a good idea at the time, Cale had thrown away his driver's license. He had decided he didn't like to drive and didn't want it anymore. How handy.

So after two years of being almost always a passenger (granted in taxis driving by crazy people who go way to fast and occasionally fall asleep at the wheel or on buses that have a habit of participating in bus drag races) it was a little intimidating to return to driving. Especially since my first driving experience would be in LA. Hooray for the 405.

First of all, WHY IS EVERYONE GOING SO FAST?! You are all making me nervous with your crazed speeds of 40 or 45 miles per hour on regular roads. HOLY SHIT! THE PEOPLE ON THE HIGHWAY ARE DRIVING 70 MILES PER HOUR! And I am expected to keep up with traffic. I think I was able to finally convince myself to go 60. I don't think I ever got up to 70. What I didn't realize yet was that as scary as driving was for me (with all these giant metal death machines just flying by me) it was even more terrifying for Cale. As the passenger he had both the fear I was feeling, plus the added bonus of not having the sensation of being in control of the car. I got to fully understand that feeling when my family picked us up in the airport. My sister Teresa drove us home, AT SPEEDS UP TO 70 MILES PER HOURS! I was freaking out. She took an exit ramp (that was quite curvy) at like 30 mph and I commented that it felt like a roller coaster...because it did.

However, driving is like riding a bike. It doesn't take long to pick it up again. The nervousness and confusion go away quickly. Cale got himself a new driver's license and is back behind the wheel like he never left. Though, he says he hates it.

— Sara

PS. I totally forgot to give the answer to the last GRE question. It is in fact 5x+y.


Barb Carusillo said...

I don't know, your sisters' driving makes ME nervous, and I have not even lived in Samoa for 2 years. But then again, they would say the same about mine......

crabs said...

5x+y, i suck.