Thursday, December 10, 2009

Readjustment: Shoes

I Need to Put These on These

After two years of freedom it is time to imprison our feet again.

I kept these tennis shoes for two years, wearing them for 10 days in New Zealand and the three or four times I jumped rope in Samoa. My feet have definitely gotten used to being sans shoe. After attempting to wear my shoes on the plane to LA, I reverted to my flip-flops for the first day we were back in America. It was chilly on my feet, but it was preferable to the confinement. In the afternoon of the second day my feet were too cold and I had to surrender.

I quickly discovered that my feet appear to have grown. Most people complain of their feet spreading out (getting wider) after not being confined to shoes for so long. I didn't notice that problem. What I was experiencing instead was the sensation that my feet were too long for my shoes. Like I needed one size larger. By the end of the day, my feet were killing me.

I went four days before I started lacing my shoes. Before that, I let the laces hang to give my feet more breathing room. However, after it snowed, I had to lace them up to keep the laces from dragging in the snow and getting all wet.

Now I am wearing shoes like a champ, though they are still not my favourite. I haven't resorted to barefoot or jandals again. I am wearing my new slippers most of the time instead.

— Sara


Barb Carusillo said...

And such cute little tooties you have.

Barb Carusillo said...

Er, I mean tootsies.

Anonymous said...

Oh those do look like comfy shoes - but jandals/sandals/slippers are much more comfy. Glad to see you are well and with family. Enjoyed the blog and seeing the sign for the United States when you returned. It is sweet to see the gathering of friends, family and Smack. Welcome back to the states. :)

Xavier Dimante said...

You've developed what's known as FOB feet, brought on by excessive wearing of jandals/thongs and going without enclosed footwear for extended periods.

I never had normal shoes before I left Samoa, and now have to buy "special" wide shoes only...awesome

Great to read you're ok in the USA Sarah.

DGerton said...

Yeah, feet turned out to be an unexpected and weird "readjustment". Socks made me feel claustrophobic - couldn't wear them until it got too cold to not wear them.

And strangely, my once flat feet had developed arches!?

whatever said...

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