Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Readjustment: Weather

Mother F&$%*#@ Snow

In Samoa our temperature options were hot and unbearably hot. It didn't take long for us to adjust to the two temperatures, what with us coming from Florida anyway. Unbearably hot quickly downgraded to uncomfortably hot. On several occasions the temperature went as low as 72 F (that's 22C for my Kiwi, Aussie and Samoan friends) and Cale and I broke out a blanket at night we were so chilly.

The weather back home in Indy is decidedly different. Currently, our options are cold and unbearably cold. I imagine given enough time I will adjust and downgrade it to uncomfortably cold. However, for now it is still unbearable. I am looking at a temperature of 32 F right now and I am used to a temperature of 32 C.

I thought LA was chilly and it was in the 60s there. When we got off the plane in Indy, I could see my breath walking down the connecty thing between the plane and the terminal (I am pretty sure there is a word for that, but heck if I know what it is). However, the weather wasn't satisfied with just freezing us, it had to add insult to injury. That's right people, it snowed.

We left Sunday morning and went to Ramsey with Cale's mom. She was lending us her Jeep while we are waiting to leave for Thailand. When we woke up Monday morning there was snow on the ground. A good inch or so. SNOW! That is just cruel. What was Mother Nature thinking? Cale and Sara aren't cold enough? I really need to highlight the extent of their climate change with this visual representation?

As I type this blog it is snowing outside again. I was sitting at the kitchen counter studying for the GRE in a long-sleeved shirt, hoodie, jeans, socks, slippers and gloves and I am still freezing. I checked the thermostat for the temperature in the house. My parents usually keep the house in the 60s in the winter, but they have jacked it all the way up to 70 for our benefit and I am still huddled around a space heater for warmth.

— Sara


Teresa said...

I keep my house at 70 or higher and I have space heaters... you can come use my extra bedroom whenever you want! Plus we have a fire place that we actually like to use, unlike Mom and Dad!

TomC said...

Using the fireplace just causes the heat in the house to go up the chimney--Dad

Lani said...

Hi - here in Samoa, the sweat is dripping from my fingers as i type this. Ive already had two shower today and its only lunchtime. My thin cotton tee is sticking to my skin. The air is so thick with humidity that its choking. I Drive around with the air con and can still feel the burn of the sun outside.
Take it from me...some snow and ice and cold is a BLESSING! Please wallow in some snow for the rest of us stuck in tropical sauna samoa!