Saturday, December 19, 2009

Recounting the Injuries and Illnesses

I am slowly ridding the blog of the old vestiges of a Peace Corps Samoa blog and converting it a regular old normal people blog. I thought I would give you a little walk down memory lane of our Peace Corps injuries and illnesses before I delete that sidebar. These are in order starting with the most recent.

1. One "hamburger" thumb caused from sticking it in a fan. This is what happens when you remove all safety protection from the fans to nurse them along and keep them working. You have spinning death blades that you must avoid in the middle of the night in the dark.

2. Fire-ball-singed hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. Next time remember that if the gas broiler you think is lit is not in fact lit, the gas has been running the entire time anyway and you should not attempt to light it while looking into the broiler.

3. One sprained foot that looks like it has the mumps. Cale has trouble walking.

4. All-day nausea and diarrhea.

5. One small, mysterious bug bite resulting in a mysterious rash

6. Minus a large chunk of yet another big toe nail. Very easy to do in jandals.

7. Two days of nausea

8. One dog bite. Almost all volunteers get attacked by a dog in country eventually. I got off scott free, but Cale got bit by a dog outside Erik's flat.

9. Two sunburns. I imagine there might have been more of these if it was ever possible to get to the beach. Cale feels he had one sunburn around his neck that laster for two years.

10. A touch of eczema

11. One cat bite. Never, ever touch Cleveland's belly.

12. Fingers sliced in the blades of a fan. Not even the same fan. Cale removed the protective covering from both fans.

13. Possible boil or cyst on an ear. Turned out to be that eczema

14. Heart burn

15. Protein-powder-fueled insane gastrointestinal distress. I don't know how K8 eats that stuff.

16. MInus most of one pinky toe's toenail.

17. One armpit boil. Miserable, miserable armpit boil. Late November through December is boil time in Samoa for Sara.

18. One ear making strange bubbling noises. Another ear with a strange fiber in it.

19. Minus a chunk of one big toe's toenail

20. Possible allergies

21. Two colds

22. One infected tongue. Every small scrap or cut in my mouth was getting infected during this time.

23. Two small puncture wounds from sharp stones. (One flying stone, one resting peacefully until stepped on). This was during the waterfall hike.

24. Two painful, swollen, itchy bites from large black ants. Also during the waterfall hike.

25. Suspected ant bites all over face and arms. From sleeping on Gal's floor.

26. Two suspected cases of the flu

27. Several sunburns. Ah, here are some more sun burns. We must have made it to the beach.

28. One twisted ankle

29. One slightly swollen and tender tear duct and I wasn't even wearing my contacts.

30. Mysterious armpit rashes

31. A multitude of mysterious (non-mosquitoe) bug bites

32. One continuing ring-worm-like leg fungus

33. One mysterious bug bite that could have been a centipede

34. A grand total of 11 boils so far. We'll add that armpit boil to this number later.

35. Many colds

36. Two or three cases of diarrhea (really, whose counting anymore?)

37. One rocking case of seasickness

38. Two suspected cases of bronchitis

39. One case of laryngitis

40. One mysterious body rash

41. Two large hideous butt boils

42. Two infected hair follicles

43. Two centipede bites

Notice how so many items were mysterious? You never know what it is but you wait a couple of days and it goes away.

— Sara


Skee said...

Just got back from Samoa 10 days ago and after only three weeks there the 6 of us certainly had a number of health issues ourselves: pink eye (4 out of 6 of us), "coral ear" (i.e. severe ear infections in both ears), 2 of us had diarrhea, 1 case of volatile vomiting, 2 of us had bronchial coughs, sun poisoning, skin eruptions/tiny boils in the armpit, skin rashes, loads of insect bites... but we LOVED the country and the warm people we met, deserted beaches and waterfalls to ourselves.

sharon said...

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