Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Are They Gonna Start Advertising Regular Pepsi As Made With Fake Sugar?

Pepsi and Mountain Dew are advertising "throwback" versions of the soda made with
REAL sugar. As opposed to the existing products made with high-fructose corn syrup, which I guess we can now assume is FAKE sugar.

These new Pepsi products aren't the only new development that leads me to believe there is a war being waged against innocent little HFCS. Have you seen this commercial put out by the Corn Refiners Association?

It is one of three commercials the poor corn refiners have been forced to put out to educate the public that the insidious, fattening, manufactured sugar product found in just about every processed food they eat is in fact totally healthy and that they shouldn't worry.

Alright, enough of this irony stuff here. My problem with HFCS isn't so much that it is bad for you. I don't really know what sort of nutritional difference exist between corn sugars, beet sugars or cane sugars. What I do know is that high-fructose corn syrup is in way, way too many foods that we eat. I also know that all the subsidies that make corn an artificially lucrative crop to produce (so it can be turned into HFCS or ethanol) means that we are filling more and more farm land with something that is not actually being used for food. High-fructose corn syrup is not food and they can claim it has the same nutritional properties as other sugars all they want. Sugars aren't food. Try getting your calories from more nutritionally valuable sources and see how less fat you are.

Sorry for my poorly-informed rant there, but that commercial totally freaked me out. Oh, and it doesn't matter what kind of sugar they put in Pepsi or Coke or whatever. It's still no good for you. It still makes you fat. And don't comfort yourself with a diet drink. Try water, it's great.

— Sara


Teresa said...

So I got the Throwback Dr. Pepper (made with REAL sugar) and I think it tastes more like Diet Dr. Pepper than regular... it's kinda weird! I guess I prefer high fructose corn syrup!

annette said...


yea for water - but make sure it is clean : )