Friday, January 8, 2010

The Footwear Situation

Yesterday's six inches of snow finally convinced me I wasn't making it to Thailand without buying boots in Indiana. I have been half-heartedly looking for boots since we got here. I own a pair of tennis shoes and a pair of heels I got at the Salvation Army. Tennies are not made for winter weather, but without snow on the ground they were staying dry, so I could justify not buying boots. That is no longer possible.

I have learned some very important lessons about women's footwear in the last day. Apparently your booting options are either warm:

or attractive:

But never the twain shall meet.

I wanted to keep my feet warm, but I also wanted to buy something I could wear with my suit to my campus visit in two weeks. I could not have both.

Granted, I was only looking at places like Target, Payless Shoes and Famous Footwear. Maybe if I broke down and looked in a real store I could have found the hybrid. However, if I had done that I also would have had a heart attack over the price.

Cale suggested a compromise:

but I couldn't bring myself to purchase an ankle boot. Plus the ones at the store were more shit-kicker than the ones pictured here and had a more substantial wooden looking heel. However, they also had some sort of warmth generating-liner as well. Once again, cute or warm, but not both.

I have settled on attractive and spent all day yesterday convincing myself that since my feet are dry in these shoes they must be warmer than they were in my tennis shoes. I am not sure I am doing a very good job of convincing myself. Must improve Jedi mind tricks. "These shoes are so warm. So very, very warm."

- Sara

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