Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It Takes A Licking

It's a Trooper

When we bought our iBook G4 off Craigslist in Florida, it was already two years old. The previous owner was one of those fastidious Mac people who save all the original packaging and only operate the machine while wearing white gloves and buy a new one every time Mac comes out with something new. So it was in really good condition. However, even well-kept Macs are not meant to last forever.

Before leaving for Samoa we sat down with the computer and had a chat.

"Listen. We know you are already three years old and we are already asking you to do thing with photoshop and indesign that are beyond your abilities, but if you can just hold out for the two years we are in the Peace Corps, we promise to retire you to a nice farm in the country where no one will ask you to open any memory-intensive programs, much less three or four of them at a time."

The computer agreed and we had a deal.

The little G4 hunkered down and powered through all the heat and humidity like a pro. Sure, the space button got a little sticky and it became less and less portable as the battery lost its ability to hold a charge. But these were forgivable considering the conditions. During our last six months in Samoa we could tell the computer felt the same as we did. It was holding on by the edge of its fingernails and sheer determination to see this through to the end. Every time the fan inside started to whir with the volume of a landing aircraft we could hear it counting down (only six more months, only five more months). Eventually, the fan just whirred all the time.

Being the jerks we are, here we are back in America and instead of the promised retirement, we have installed even more memory-hungry software (like Cale's new sketching program that uses an attached tablet) and continue to make unreasonable demands.

"Let's watch this movie. Let's download these YouTube videos."

At least we stopped sticking Windows-virus ridden flash drives in you.

The poor little iBook is looking around wildly wondering where the promised farm of relaxation is.

We need you to hold out a little longer little buddy. Oh...and we need you to go to Southeast Asia with us too. But after that we
promise you can retire...if we have the money to buy a new one.

— Sara

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Barb Carusillo said...

I know your trusty Mac is the focal point of your picture above, but when I first clicked on, my eyes went immediately to the pencil holder on the right in instant recognition. I got that when I was around 7, so it is over 45 years old. Maybe your Mac will last that long...?