Sunday, January 31, 2010

Readjustment: Soap


We've been back in America for two months now and damn if we haven't just been going through soap like it is going out of style. Two months and we are more than halfway through our third bar of soap. That is more than one soap a month! If I remember correctly, we only needed to buy soap every three months or so in Samoa.

I could be nice and claim that all the glorious hot water in the shower here means that:

1. We are taking longer showers using more soap and
2. The hot water melts the soap faster than cold water, but

If I am going to be honest with myself, the reason why we are going through soap so much faster is that we are actually using it...every day. By the end of our time in Samoa I was showering with soap once every third day or maybe even once a week. My typical morning shower routine was to stand outside the icy cold jet of water and lean over until my head was in the stream. I would shampoo and condition my hair with out subjecting my body to the freezing temperatures. Then, if I was feeling adventurous, I might jump in full body and jump out for a "rinsing." A little deodorant and, bam, I was good to go. By the end of the school day I would be all hot and sweaty and stinky, but I would also be tired. So I would come home, jump in the shower for a cooling rinse and jump back out. Once again, no soap.

It might seem counterproductive to live in a hot, humid environment that results in body odor and not shower with soap daily. However, I was gonna stink no matter what I did, I might as well not suffer in the ice cold water longer than necessary. Here, on the other hand, I have glorious hot water I can revel in until I realize that hours have passed by and my body has turned into a giant raisin.

— Sara

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Russel Hunter ( Not the editor, just some dude) said...

Is not being whiffy a PCV given, just jokes but smells so true.

But amazing you're still using soap bars? Move on to liquid soap from a pump action bottle and you're living the dream.