Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I am not a dog lover. In fact, I am slightly afraid of most bigger dogs and slightly irritated by most smaller dogs. There are three dogs in the entire world that I have met and liked. Dogs whose very existence have almost made me consider the possibility of one day thinking about considering looking at owning a dog. These dogs are as follows:

Spot (the dog that thinks he is a cat)

At Teresa and Mike's House
Harley (the dog that doesn't know he is a vicious breed and desperately wants to be your friend)

and Ralphie (the dog that never barks and sits on my lap)

Recently we were at my sister's and I got to witness the hilarity that is Harley Vs. The Tree. There is a tree in the back yard with a branch at just a height that he can jump up and grab it with his teeth. I believe his goal is to bring down the branch or the tree. Instead, after grabbing on to the branch he ends up riding it like a rope swing. It is the best entertainment. Way better than the Super Bowl.

Harley Vs. The Tree Harley Vs. The Tree Harley Vs. The Tree Harley Vs. The Tree

— Sara


Teresa said...

I love my dog!! He really doesn't know that he scares the crap out of people... he just likes to meet everyone right in their face! However I do not mind that everyone in the neighborhood knows I have a scary gigantic dog... they don't have to know he is a giant baby!

Snoop doggy doo said...

It's still snowing there!

Nice doggy.

Lani Wendt Young said...

i hear you about being slightly scared of dogs - how on earth did u cope with all the wild biting dogs in samoa? I went running the other day and a pack of six jumped me at Tuanaimato complex....they were waiting for me beside my car...aaaargh.