Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Readjustment: Beds

We Gave Up On The Bed

We finally gave up on the bed.

For the previous two months we have been sleeping on my youngest sister's bed in my parents' house. The bed was just so soft and squishing and bouncy. It was strange. It also had a valley in the middle from my sister sleeping there. It's funny, we went from the mountain in the middle of a foam mattress in Samoa to a valley in the middle of a real mattress in Indiana.

Finally we could take this first-world comfort no longer and Cale bought a futon mattress off craigslist. He dismantled the bed (as you can see, we have the mattress and box springs propped against the wall) and laid the futon mattress out on the floor. Now things seem back to normal.

— Sara


Teresa said...

You guys are crazy! Might as well just sleep on the hardwood!

Jane said...

Paul was home for Christmas and had a similar bed issue; too soft and too high off the ground even though he used his nice bed he had been so happy with before leaving the US. I suspect he will sleep on the floor when he returns. The thing he noticed most changed at home was everyone's upgraded cell phones. Have you noticed that?
We had lunch with Nick. That was fun.

Barb Carusillo said...

As I mentioned before, that is actually a new mattress, bought just before Marian went off to college in fall of 07, so the poor child barely had time to make a body imprint in it. I think you are used to less cush...maybe the opposite of the "Princess and the Pea" thing. Maybe you would feel better if we put some anthills under the futon, a few centipedes?