Saturday, March 20, 2010

Boils Watch 2010

Soooo..... I obviously was overly optimistic when I thought I had left the boils in Samoa.

You may remember my November and December 2007.
There were boils. Then again in January 2008. Oh, and December 2008. The December 2008 boil spilled over into January of 2009. However, I was able to make it through all of 2009 without forming any new boils. We were worried about November (the month we left Samoa) since it was the month of the boils in 2007, but I managed to get through the entire month with out a boil.

When we got back to America, I wasn't really worried about boils anymore, but I did breath a sigh of relief when December and January came and went and I had no boils. So why is it March in America and I have a boil on my ass (in the exact same location as the first boils, a location where the scars were finally starting to fade)? There is no reason for this boil. The water here is clean. I shower in this clean hot water with soap like every day. The weather is not hot, nor humid. I am not sitting in said hot, humid weather all day irritating my poor butt with hot, humid cloth. I have not recently gotten a traditional tattoo and then shaved my armpit with a less than new razor leading to an armpit boil my busy immune system couldn't handle.

What is going on? Where did this boil come from? Can I look forward to erupting in boils for the rest of my life? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

— Sara


Anonymous said...

When we returned from Samoa is 1998, my kids had boils all over their. My son had it on his foot, my daughter on her armpits, which she had to see the doctors and have it drained. She had it the worst. She was still getting them 9 months later. Good luck with yours. We went and visited her aunt in California and she ended having it too, so it spreads. I hate them boils!!

whatever said...

What out for them. I will bet that your families, friends you visited will probably end up with them.