Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cale Hit the Motherlode

Seriously, I promise that one day I will stop writing blog entries that talk about when we were in the Peace Corps. That is like so four months ago.


When Cale and I were getting ready to leave for Samoa we got rid of just about everything we owned. We kept a box of papers that everyone claims are important and you should keep (like old taxes), a box of art, our picture albums, our quilts and some other things. When we returned to Indiana in December I thought I had located all those things in the separate closets around my parents' house and gathered them together. Granted there were still a couple of things we could think of that seemed to be missing. Cale's afghan, Trivial Pursuit. But we just figured those were at Cale's mom's house somewhere.

Monday Cale cleaned out the closet and pulled out all our stuff to locate the few articles of clothing we had brought back from Samoa with us so we could prepare to pack them for SE Asia. When he picked me up from work he used vague and confusing references to get me to look at his outfit. When I finally figured out what he wanted, I still couldn't figure out what was so interesting about his t-shirt and pants, so he finally had to just come out and say it.

"I hit the motherlode!"

In the closet he had found a box we had not noticed before and discovered that we had kept some clothes. I thought we had taken all the clothes we still owned to Samoa with us and had completely forgotten that we had kept some in a box for our return. Like surprise Christmas, Cale was wearing his old DARE t-shirt and a pair of pants he hadn't seen in over two years. He had also found several other t-shirts, his favorite boy scout socks and the answer to the question, "why doesn't Cale have any underwear?" Unfortunately for me, Cale is a much better saver of things than I am. I appear to have kept a pair of capri pants, a sundress and a tank top that I only ever wore under another tank top (but I didn't keep the top one).

In addition to surprise clothes he also found the missing afghan and Trivial Pursuit. Hooray!

— Sara

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Teresa said...

If you're ever interested I have a box of your stuff in my attic.... I believe it is from high school. Not sure what all is in there, but I do know there is a tickle me elmo and a big carved piece of wood.. things that I am sure you are desperately missing!